EXIT Burnout

Project "EXIT burnout" is funded with support from the European Commission by the program “Erasmus+: Youth in Action”, with a total duration of 18 months, from September 2022 to February 2024.


  • to develop innovative solutions, using gamification, coaching and adventure therapy approaches to prevent and decrease youth worker's burnout, and employee turnover in youth work and increase their wellbeing;

  • to improve the quality of youth work in general by promoting youth worker's wellbeing, work and life satisfaction, and more active involvement and participation of young people in an organisation.


1. Mapping Report: national research detailing stress, burnout causes, and needs analysis within youth worker's wellbeing.

2. Wellbeing Training Program: a 3-month program offering tailored solutions for burnout reasons, including a Toolkit with various methodologies and a Handbook with supportive materials for participating individuals.

3. Program’s implementation guidelines for implementing and adapting the developed Program to the needs of youth workers.

Project materials

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